Sundara Karma @ The Bodega, Nottingham, Monday 26th October 2015

Only a handful of bands have given me goosebumps when walking on stage but having listened to an awful lot of Sundara Karma recently i was excited to see them live for the 2nd time, this time in their own set up rather than a festival slot.

If you hear Sundara Karma on the radio you'd be forgiven for thinking they wouldn't smash it at live shows, you'd be wrong. The Bodega, Nottingham is one of the best small venues i've been too over the years but they made it feel like it was the size of an academy. 

A full and frantic set that rolled up through the gears to end with a good ol' fashion stage invasion for 'Loveblood'.

Personal highlight was 'Runaway' which i just can't get out my head recently. Even though the crowd maybe didn't respond to it as much as 'Vivienne' or 'Flame', you could tell the guys had alot more fun performing it.

It was only last night but i feel the need to see these again already. And if you haven't already jumped on board you can do so below:


Jase Hare