[LISTEN] Tsars - Open Space EP [IAI PREMIÈRE]

Today we bring to you Tsars new and brilliant EP, "Open Space". "Open Space" is a collection of songs written whilst studying at separate universities, and is a product of Tsars working together whilst at different ends of the country. After studying they came back home to record it with Chris Coulter of Homeless Music (Arcane Roots, Empire, In Dynamics).

The EP comprises of six tracks and it varies from the upbeat, as heard in "Loose Ends", "Scene Two" and "Take You Out" - as well as a rather laid back number as the centrepiece of the EP called "Kings" which showcases the band's diversity when it comes to the tracks they lay down.  "Zeibekiko" is the last track and it's well worth another play right away, pitching in at five minutes long it sums up the EP in one huge track, part ballad, part rock and part anthem all in equal measures.

Tsars EP "Open Space" is out 31st January 2016 - you can listen to the EP in full below.