[LISTEN] Will and the People - Wasting Time

Brighton-based indie quartet Will and the People have released their brand new track 'Wasting Time' and it's incredible! Following on from their previous reggae vibes during their first three albums, the band have come back in a slightly different format, channeling surf-indie vibes as well as establishing themselves as adaptable musicians. 'Wasting Time' is brimming with electric guitar riffs that are just infectious as the energy given off in Will's lead vocal. The familiar flawless harmonies are ever still present, with Charlie, Jim and Jamie giving the bridge an extra feeling of excitement and thrill through their backing vocals. This track is a track full of pure authenticity, with a catchy chorus and sincere lyrics this is just the start of a great year for this talented band.

'Wasting Time' is the first single released from Will and the People's upcoming fourth album and is available to preorder from today. Meanwhile, listen to the track below!

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