[LISTEN] Melissa Allenby - Slow

When a Spring day is winding down, and the sun is setting, sometimes you don't want everything to be as go-go-go as it was. Sometimes, you need to chill out and slow down, and Melissa Allenby is the perfect artist for that.

Slow is the follow-up to previous singles You Know and All Night, both of which are fantastic opening singles. You Know a superbly graceful vocal on a chilled-out RnB backdrop, and All Night a higher tempo beat but the same superb vocals.

 A glittering piano combined with a RnB beat makes for the perfect setting for Melissa to showcase her phenomenal range, and that she does. Slow is a stunningly serene piece of music from an artist just discovering how good she is, and it's a joy to listen to.

There's a magical ebb and flow to Slow, and it's a gloriously polished piece of music from a new artist. Already featured on BBC Introducing, 2016 could be the year that Melissa Allenby finds the audience her astonishing talent deserves.

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