[IAI PREMIERE] Kalon Rae's covers Jeff Buckley's 'Grace'

Introducing the enigmatic London based artist Kalon Rae, who fuses contemporary pop together with cinematic influences. Kalon Rae has been highly active in the UK and international music scenes as a vocalist, sharing the stage with Paloma Faith, Sigma, Labrinth and Muse.

We have the exclusive on his cover of Jeff Buckley's 'Grace'. A beautiful tribute cover to an artist widely respected by fans across the globe. Kalon explains:

"I've always been fascinated by the work of Jeff Buckley. Grace is a song about the fleetingness of time and awareness of humans, ephemeral nature that's made bearable by love".

Kalon Rae's debut EP 'The Day That I Was Killed' will be out on April 2016.