Bloc Party are back in the studio

Bloc Party are back in the studio everyone, with their latest album "Hymns" already out, it looks like the itch to record needs to be scratched. The band are well known to release a 'filler' song between albums - as shown below.

This will also be the first time that their new drummer - Louise Bartle - would be a fully fledged member of the band as they hired a session drummer for "Hymns", one thing is promising though, they are using their guitars, so could be yet another 'edgy' number!

KEY // Bold = Album / Italic = Filler single

"Silent Alarm"
"Two More Years"
"A Weekend In The City"
"One More Chance"
"The Nextwave Sessions" (an EP) 


Also - below is Louise and Russell practising "I Still Remember".

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