[GIG REVIEW] MINT @ The Spiders Web, Grimsby, 2nd April 2016

Now the dust has settled on this gig and the venue's owners have probably just got back to some sense of normality, I thought I'd try my best to sum up what happened that evening. Chaos... yeah that seems about fair.

The venue (small pub) was most certainly sold out (300+) with a crowd that will be used to witnessing debaucherous behaviour on 'Geordie Shore' and 'TOWIE' so maybe it shouldn't have been any surprise that multiple shoes were thrown around, beach balls appeared out of nowhere and the crowd surfing tots were cascading over the barrier like Lemmings! (Google them kids, we only know of them cos of the game innit).

For the rare glimpses of the band that I got they seemed to buzz off the energy in fairness. I don't think many gigs get that out of hand for 'MINT' at the minute however they have all the hallmarks of getting ever more rapturous crowds if they continue in this vain, in a kind of 'Catfish & The Bottlemen' rowdy crowd tour? I only gained one picture and it's certainly camera phone quality...

...but the girl in this pic (top right) does enhance my previous description of said crowd I think.

The evening was the launch for their new single 'Living and Dying For' which I urge you to get stuck into below. This new single and arguably their flagship single of 'Wolves' are a wonderful mini CV of what this band are doing and I hope they go from strength to strength with exciting things in the pipeline. 'Jimmy' live is still belting and I wouldn't except the lads to do anything but get sentimental with it. 

'MINT' have made any Grimsby home town gig now unmissable but can they extrapolate that to the wider world? Listen below on the usual socials and see if they're coming near you some time...

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Jase Hare