Glastonbury 2016 - What to do on Thursday

Since the Wednesday edition of this post was a hit, I've decided to put up one for Thursday, and to be brutally honest - there is a whole lot more going on on the second full day of the festival than the first, so with that in mind here is our 'What to do' list for Thursday!

1 - If you haven't got a sore head, wake up nice and early and treat yourself to some cooked breakfast, they do Emu sausages, Ostrich egg omelettes and all sorts of herbal tea.

2 - William's Green is where it's all at - usually the TBA/TBC bands are 'Indie' bands, last year was Wolf Alice and Drenge, the year before was The 1975 and Metronomy, the year before that was Alt-J. So it's always worth a shout,

3 - BBC Introducing - Check out the stars of tomorrow play on the BBC's flagship festival stage for new music. The line-up is smaller compared to Friday to Sunday, however they do have a few class acts from all over the UK, so if you're at a loose end watching an up and coming band is always a good shout!

Hozier performing a secret set in 2014

4 - Check out some new and fresh Electronic music and some great artists from further afield at La Pussy Parlure Nouveau (in the Silver Hayes area) - in recent years I've seen MØ, London Grammar, Garden City Movement, Balthazar and Fenech-Soler there.

2014's Line-Up, note they're not afraid to mix it up a bit!
5 - Take in the view from the top of the Ribbon Tower in The Park (photo of the Tower below) - although you may have to pay to up it.

6 - Go to Shangri-La - there are clubs for every music scene there, from 80's Rock to Trance via Pop and Jungle! It's a mind blowing place.

7 - Block9 - go to Block9 and check out some pretty radical installations and epic artwork on the buildings. It's mainly a rave/dance/electronic area of the site, but it's a thing to behold even if you do go in one of the venues for a few minutes!

8 - Beat Hotel - head to the Beat Hotel, grab a drink, climb the steps outside of it if you're not too drunk and enjoy the music! Some pretty sweet DJs make appearances there and it's close to a lot of campsites, so head on down!

9 - "The World-Famous Thursday Piss Up", organised by the Glasto Chat Facebook page. Look out for a horde of pink umbrellas by the big tree in the Pyramid field on Thursday around 1pm onwards.