[LISTEN] Clay - Stay Calm!

Clay have returned to the stage with a brand new track, "Stay Calm!". The new track is high infectious and see's the quartet from Leeds delve into more of an electronic sound compared to their other tracks. They've now got a lot of spunk, edge and a whole load of attitude, Clay have really made a funky indie-pop anthem for the 10's!

The band said - "When writing this track we wanted a very deep sound sonically. Musically we touched upon people we admire like Michael Jackson for influence. There’s obvious nods with the groove of the track. It’s written from an obsessive viewpoint you know, that idealistic thought of being in love. One of the lines ‘Im not gonna change the world overnight’ is almost justification for the lyric it precedes, that sort of unsure/ indecisive mindset. But whatever, Stay Calm!"