[GIG REVIEW] Birdy @ Muffathalle, Munich

Having just released her third album “Beautiful Lies” in March, Jasmine van den Bogaerde, a.k.a. Birdy, performed to a sell-out crowd at Munich’s Muffathalle on Monday.

 I went to the concert expecting to be surrounded by teenage girls. The diversity of the crowd, however, proved once again that true talent – which Birdy has in abundance – is appreciated by people of all ages.
The teenage singer-songwriter who turns 20 on 15th May kicked off the evening with “Growing Pains” from her new album followed by her 2011 hit “People help the People”. The 90-minute performance included “Shelter”, “Wings” and “Words of Weapons” (both from her second album “Fire Within”) as well as “Wild Horses” and “Unbroken” – Birdy’s favourite track from her new album.
Birdy is a somewhat shy performer which is not surprising perhaps given her age. She makes no attempt at the banal chit-chat of some artists, but lets her music speak for her – with one good song after another. “Keeping Your Head Up” saw her leave the comfort of her piano (and guitar). It was back to the piano for the encore which finished with the wonderful “Skinny Love”.
Birdy’s final words were “Thank you so much for coming”. Ditto, Birdy.

Gig review by Roberta Brown