James White travels to Calais to perform for refugees

James White use to be a comedic singer-songwriter back in the day, happily performing his songs to make people laugh, and good on him the world needs people that make faces happy! However in the last year or so he's changed his music style and has written a fair few good songs, ones that we've blogged about too. He's got no backing from a label, no manager just dedication and a some good friends to support him in his endeavours.

He's always been passionate about the 'crisis' that started to unfold around 12-15 months ago with the refugees, and last weekend he popped over to Calais to the place everyone calles 'The Jungle', and performed some songs for everyone who is seeking a better life here in the UK. Below is a collection of some of his Instagram snaps and a video of him performing. He also taught some of the refugees how to play the guitar and they even had a little jam together, what a lovely man!