[LISTEN] Wildcat! Wildcat! - Relentless (feat. Wynne)

Wildcat! Wildcat! have revealed their brand new track, "Relentless", which features rapper Wynne on guest vocals. The track is right back to their electro-pop laden anthems and sees them also delve into a bit of an experiment with a new and young rapper in the shape of Wynne.

The band say - "We'd always wanted to collaborate with someone but we didn't know how it'd be possible or who would be a good fit, or how we'd play it live etc... as luck or fate would have it, our manager found this young rapper named Wynne. Then, there was this fist bumping moment of bliss and shock. We never talked to her or gave her any kind of notes or anything really but she nailed the vibe, the message, the attitude...everything and it was exactly the missing piece of the puzzle we've trying to put together for years."