One to visit: Sacred Ground Festival

Photo by Oskar Melander
Our 2016 festival season in Germany is well and truly underway! Our trips to Maifeld Derby and PULS Open Air have left us in a great mood and we're excited about the festivals yet to come. One 2015 addition to the summer's festival line-up is "Sacred Ground Festival". Located in Brüssow (which is basically the middle of nowhere) the festival hopes to "create an intimate space outside of city streets where art and music are the focus alongside of an environment supporting closeness between people".
Photo by Alexander Jedermann

A 100 year-old farm will host the event, with the following artists performing:

RØDHÅD, Âme Live, Mathew Jonson live, RY X, Alice Phoebe Lou, HOWLING, Peter Kruder (Official), Marcus Worgull, Luka, Ryan Vail, Alex.Do, elektro guzzi, Josin, I Have A Tribe, Bakery, BEA1991, Jens Kuross, Fred und Luna
Photo by Julio Rölle 
Photo by Oskar Melander