[INTRODUCING] Smokin' Durrys

If you want a band who make you feel needy, Smokin’ Durrys can give you that. The rip-roaring noise that pours out of their bluesy music fucks with you in unimaginable ways and leaves you feeling confused, like what the hell have you just listened to.

Neil McCarty Photography

Deep within the thick sludge of grunge-filled rock, the music is fuelled by a trio of musicians who offer next to nothing on social media and leave their songs to do the talking. 2015’s release ‘Done Do’um’ reveals a stupefying amount of talent that collides together to form a catastrophic force of energy and aggression. Translating this to the stage doesn’t seem like to much of a mission as front man Ash demonstrates a pugnacious character who releases the frustration and emotion that is so perfectly captured in their music.

Pouring out of the passion for the music that they make, the refreshing, but intimidating, songs illustrate a reason to support local bands and local gigs. Often appearing at shows in their local venues, Smokin’ Durrys have most recently supported the likes of Spring King. With slots like that being offered to them, it’s only right that we can expect more from the three-piece for the rest of the year and beyond. Chancing their careers with a larger than life sound, it wouldn’t be surprising if the band are able to take things further than the likes of Slaves and Royal Blood in the future, given the skill set they hold - something which constantly pushes them further in their music than any of us expect.

There’s never going to be a bad word to say about this band. And if you see them live, there’s never going to be a word to say. They say everything for you and leave you wondering where your ability to talk has gone. If you’re looking for an experience, you need the Smokin’ Durrys experience.