[LISTEN] Black Flowers Cafe - Mintaka ii

Killer drum intros are what I'm all about, and the rhythmic pounding of toms at the start of 'Mintaka ii' by Italian band Black Flowers Cafe sets the tone for what is an intense yet subtle track. Interpol esque lead lines intertwine with organs and 'heys!' straight off an Alt J record, and Fernando Rennis' emotionally strained lead vocals deliver the sentimental lyrics over this textured bed of sound.

The overall colouring to this song is deep and dark, a song for the night, or for rainy weather (hell, how cool does it sound with this in the background?!).  It's also the kind of song I can see having a transcendental feeling when experienced live, and the volume is pumped so loudly you can't hear your own thoughts, so are forced to just go along with it's sonic intensity. That was quite an intense sentence actually.... Anyway, these four-piece purveyors of gloomy indie rock have been going for a while now, and you can tell that in the professional and assured way in which they groove and glow on Mintaka ii. Listen below:

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