[LISTEN] The Jackobins - Hasty

The Jackobins have pushed a couple of great solid rock tunes in recent times and their latest effort 'Hasty' is certainly contributing to their collection even further. This tune builds up nicely into a crowd pleasing chorus and getting pacey enough to have a good old mosh to.

I personally think their songs seem to border that line of having a great message, cracking tunes to accompany them but not offending anyone's ears in the process. A difficult line to tow but they seem to be masters of it already.

The Jackobins by all accounts have just nailed an awesome set at YNot festival this weekend (I had a friend in the crowd but regrettably not there myself) and with a full tour of gigs behind them now this summer, I hope many of you wish to try and check them out live, see where they'll be coming up on their facebook and usual socials.

The lads also appear to be making friends, fans and gain support along the way at festivals so fingers crossed that the only way is up for them! 'Hasty' was also track of the week over on Radio X which will have no doubt put them on a national radar from now on.

Also a personal special mention for Veso from the band who i've spoke to abit over the last couple of years and is a genuinely nice guy!

So don't be hasty and check them out below (cheap line i know, but worth it)


Insta - Jase Hare