[Video Premiere] Smokin' Durrys - Stomp Me Down Girl

Smokin’ Durrys aren’t a band you want to be on the wrong side of. Their ponderous sound makes for some very hefty music which takes your energy and mixes it in with their bluesy-rock. 
Photo: Neil McCarty
‘Stomp Me Down Girl’ was released last year and is, perhaps, one of their finest works of art. It’s punchy but melodic with a rough manner about it. It is this song that creates an easy-flowing, ragged sound that works effortlessly to be more intimidating and attention-seeking than those “rock” bands you see around (See Slaves and Royal Blood, for starters), but it’s the rasp vocals that appear to complete the jigsaw. With a thorny noise creating the structure for this anthem, Ash’s voice continues to echoes through the riffs as they, quite easily, become etched in your mind while the song continues on. It may just be 2:24 in length but this is a single staying for the long-term. 

Whatever genre you like, this is a band who are going to grab your attention one way or another. Though three members might seem simplistic to you, it seems to be their best attribute. The video for ‘Stomp Me Down Girl’ supports that idea and cements the thought that these guys know how to create music with grubby, alternative conventions, yet still manage to charm those who are pulled in to their world. 

Recent shows include slots at Boardmasters and River Festival, but also supporting the likes of Spring King. If it’s these household names that are supporting the Smokin’ Durrys, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be either. And if this single was released in 2015, something is telling us we’re in for something even bigger.