[Gig review] The Barmines, Headrow House, Leeds, Saturday 10/09/16.

The Barmines are a slick looking rock outfit who certainly have nailed down what style they're going with. If you're a fan of rock tunes you can thrash abit to with laim gallagher-esque vocals then The Barmines are right up your street. The band hit a similar note of having a working class ethic about them which comes across not only in theirs tunes but their interaction with the crowd aswell, very laid back and jestful.

Not the best photograph I know but I've never claimed to be a photographer haha

I'm not sure i heard a particularly slow or different type of song from them which may appear in the future, but a sold base to work from non the less but I did enjoy the bands effort at really going for it and points and can't fault their effort or energy levels despite the lead guitarist stating he wanted to go to bed! It was all delivered well enough to get the crowd bouncing down the front. One to many beers spilt for my liking by lads. 

New single 'Reliance' is doing well in online charts and may be the lads best effort at success to date but safe to say it won't be their last.

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