[Interview] with... Bang Bang Romeo

The dust may have settled and the campfire smoke may only just have come out of my clothes but i'm reminiscing this afternoon to when It's all Indie caught up with the hottest of live acts at the minute, Bang Bang Romeo. After nailing their Leeds Fest debut on the Jack Rocks stage, here's what they had to say...

Jase Hare: Backstage with BBR straight after their Leeds Festival debut, guys? Big whoop? You smashed that right?! Feel loads better?

BBR: whoooo!

Anastasia Walker: that was the festival to end all festivals haha no, that was the best way to end our festival season which has been going from strength go strength and it's just amazing to get a crowd like that and basically thank you to everyone who just went ******* bezerk really.

JH: to be fair, I was down the front and can confirm the crowd was awesome. For you guys how important is it that JD and 'This Feeling' team up to pull this stage together for bands at a similar level to yourselves?

Joel Phillips: we played YNot Festival and IOW last year for these guys aswell, it's been massive for us and it's basically been our gateway into everything we've done this year. All started with Mikey Jonns at 'This Feeling', he stuck us on his line up at IOW festival last year and at the time we basically had no right to be there but he took a chance on us, got a few good reviews from that and then everything's sort of snowballed from there really so owe everything to him!

JH: absolutely, hugely important to have those championing your work! I also spotted Christian Carlisle down the front of your set... Well you can't not spot him can you with his huge impressive tache and dress sense.

AW: yeh Christian has championed us over on BBC Introducing which is another great platform and he actually got a message to me yesterday to pop over and play some stuff acoustic behind the BBC Intro stage so big love to him aswell.

JP: he pushed our stuff from the get go and huw stephens ended up playing it because of him. Also got us Tramlines main stage this year which was huge for us again so again massive thanks!

JH: stands out in a crowd doesn't he so I suppose you always spot him at your gigs!

JP: he dresses more out there than I do! That's going some isn't it! Haha

JH: yeah absolutely! Just moving on and touching on 'Chemical' personally you know I love it but I've had a few people literally just tell me they were in tears. For you guys as song writers how does that hit home? That must be insane?

Richard Gartland: Ross wrote that didn't you...

Ross Cameron: of course it's probably the best feeling you can get, especially when they're singing along and crying, it's weird!

JP: first time that ever happened we were playing The Leadmill in Sheffield and a guy called Simon Saynor who's a good friend of ours...

AW: champion of music in Doncaster!

JP: ...he's like 6' 4", massive guy! We're just stood there playing, looked out and he's just stood there crying! And we were like thinking "are we playing really badly or something?"

RG: today everyone's been like "aww you're that band Bang Bang Romeo, you make everyone cry!" It's like is this good? Haha stop saying that!

AW: this is actually the first gig I've started getting proper teary at 'Chemical'.

RC: we've been playing it for a while now and that feeling we get is growing more times we play it.

RG: the best thing is that all the bands here are supporting each other though and probably half the crowd were friends of ours from other bands, amazing community to be a part of at moment! Exciting times!

JH: well i confirm for you from speaking to people and spreading the word, you're building a reputation as one of the best live bands going around and new single 'Invitation' i'm sure will do big things for you guys!

BBR: thank you!!

JP: main stage next year?

JH: Haha yeah i can sort that out!

Get yourself involved on the bands socials and I implore you to get yourself down to see them live asap! They've literally given you an 'Invitation'.