[LISTEN] King No-One - Halo

King No-One continue to march on with a very tasty stylised new video for single 'Halo'. Unfortunately I'm unable to pop the window into this blog so if you'd kindly follow this link to their Facebook page then you can treat your eyes to their new video and may aswell like their page at the same time right? Good!


Solid lyrics and great tune to this, some of their best work to date i'd argue but i'm a big fan of their work anyway. 'Halo' balances that line of being catchy but not cheesy in my opinion which in an ever increasing pop pressure industry is a really hard thing to achieve consistently.

The lads have some live shows coming up really soon which you can also see on their Facebook and I would highly recommend getting down to one! I'm probably getting to Hull on a Wednesday night which is better than sat watching bake off (girlfriend may disagree but she'd be wrong!)

Anyway if you don't have Facebook then I'll let you at lease listen to the tune, see below...