[LISTEN] Tuska - Da Da Da

After a long summer, praised duo Tuska are set to drop their first official single this fall. Titled simply Da Da Da the latest offering is larger than life.

Tuska’s perfect blend of intricate songwriting and experimental musicianship have enticed listeners across the UK and their latest release is no exception. Da Da Da has an exuberance and immediacy that hits hard. Layered with the transcendental vocals, rich tones and abstruse melodies you’ve come to expect from the duo, Da Da Da is guaranteed to have you hanging off every note.

Relocating to London over the summer, Richard Sturges & Rob Weaver have spent the last six months locked away in their home studio experimenting and refining their sound. The first to be taken from these sessions, Da Da Da defines Tuska’s exciting direction as it exhibits the musical aptitude and originality that makes this partnership so unique.