[Gig Review] King No-One @ Fruit, Hull, Monday 28th November 2016

Can that much really change in two months? For any eagle-eyed readers you are forgiven for thinking that the title of this review is a copy and paste from September... I mean it is but I changed the date and shush! The words written about King No-One the better right?

So yes it was only two minutes since they were last on tour but the lads desire to get back on the road is delectable. This Hull date had to unfortunately be slightly detached from the rest of the tour but this didn't stop the guys giving it their all.

Standard King No-One party tricks of climbing their equipment, party poppers and generally looking like they're having a cracking time all played out on Monday. New Tune 'Alcatraz' went down really well with a bouncing, youthful crowd. Zach jumped into the crowd with his mic at one point and got up close and personal with some selfie-loving teens.

The band are getting tighter as a unit as they go along in my opinion and you should definitely drag your office Christmas party to one of their dates listed below, no photocopier danger here! Just infectious indie tracks.

I've even managed to get my girlfriend (self-confessed music hermit) to say that she loves these guys now, so a job well done all round chaps!

Cheers for reading, facebook link for the bands page is HERE - LIKE