[SOUNDS OF 2017] - #18 - Mint

MINT hail from the town of Grimsby and are rapidly making the town proud of them. Recently officially gaining a blue tick on social media, which I know doesn’t make the measure of success but it’s certainly a big step in the right direction. After joining the tonnes of bands out there doing the rounds and grafting to get their stuff heard in 2016, MINT have toured nationally in 2016 and built an ever growing reputation. We feel they could be on the verge of a mammoth 2017.

If you’ve heard their current batch of tracks from the "Happiness Is Heroin" EP then you’ll be aware of their ability to hit a nerve with that ‘small-town feeling’ most of us have had in our life. I’m aware of their willingness to work and I have no doubt as soon as the year ticks over they’ll be hitting us with new delights.

There comes a point when people in the area know how hard working the local musicians are but they still struggle to either be joined by great support acts or get people out of their houses in order to witness them live. MINT have found the breaking point of negating both of these factors. Their EP launch back in September saw them pack out a local pub to the point of people not even fitting inside the door, coupled with great support acts that are gaining national recognition. Things feel very lively at the moment for the lads and hopefully the area in general, they're about to spill into the rest of the country, get excited for Mint!

Written by - Jase Hare & Fred Bambridge