Killing Moon reveals stream of 'New Moons: Volume VII' [IAI PREMIÈRE]

Killing Moon are thrilled to announce that they are back to curate the seventh compilation in the ‘New Moons’ series, aptly entitled New Moons: Volume VII.

Starting off as a nearly-award-winning blog in 2012 (which itself has been cited as launching the careers of Foxes, Alt J, Royal Blood and many more), Killing Moon has since expanded into a successful record label, artist management company, and live promoter.

Killing Moon has in its lifespan received press plaudits ranging from Music Week and Billboard to London In Stereo and When The Gramophone Rings, as well as praise from radio remits such as Radio 1, Radio X, 6Music and Amazing Radio for its ability to be the first to detect new musical brilliance across a range of genres and develop those artists.

The ideals and tenacity of Killing Moon, as well as the tendency to punch above its own weight, find themselves embodied in the highly successful New Moons compilation series.

Artists appearing on previous Volumes include Slaves, Fickle Friends, Laurel, Racing Glaciers, Carnival Kids, Magic Man, Fatherson, Tall Ships, HUNTAR, SYKES, Ecca Vandal, The Hearts, Pale Honey, Model Aeroplanes, WØLFFE, Draper, Puppy, Salt Ashes, VITAMIN, Tora, Nadine Shah, Meadowlark and many more.

The latest compilation in the series hosts a huge range of talent, from the undiscovered gems to big indie names, including Prides, Desert Planes, Annabel Allum, Slow Riot, Calva Louise and more.

New Moons: Volume VII is released today, Thursday 1st January 2017 on all major digital stores and streaming services. A compilation launch show to take place at 229 The Venue, London on 24th January 2017.

1. Slow Lights – So Far
2. Bad Family – Real Fast Car
3. PUZZLE – Comedown
4. Prides – Rome
5. August Hotel – 12AM
6. Nuela Charles – Curtain Falls
7. Calva Louise – I’m Gonna Do Welll
8. Slow Riot – Absent Dreams
9. ULTRAS – Napoleon
10. The Mariachi Ghost – Cascabel
11. Surf Dads – Found Yourself In Thailand
12. Annabel Allum - Tricks
13. Fizzy Blood – Animals
14. This Be The Verse – Unveil
15. Gallery Circus - The Flood
16. April - Open Mind
17. 36? – Old Bones
18. Yonaka – Drongo
19. Anil Sebastian - Closer
20. Fever Feel - Two Sides to Every Coin
21. Alluri - Evari Kosam
22. Slow Leaves – Life Of A Better Man
23. Hearing Trees – Magnetic Moment
24. Desert Planes – Together Apart
25. Jesse & The Dandelions – Brother
26. Echotape – We’ve Been Dreaming
27. Phoenix Martins – Oxymoron