[IAI PREMIERE] Floodhounds - I Wanna Know

An It's All Indie exclusive thrown over to us by the class Floodhounds. Their video for upcoming single 'I Wanna Know' is a blend of personal footage mixed in with outakes from the film 'Metropolis'. When I heard about this video I have to admit I was sceptical, but it strangely works!

I can't help but get a sort of early White Stripes feel from this effort, both production wise and sound. No bad thing I suppose. 

Check out the video for yourself below:

Bit quirky, bit different, bit good though!

The single will be officially out on 4th of March (but go pre-order it here - https://floodhounds.bandcamp.com )

I'm sure they band will be celebrating in style on that day as they rock a special Outlines festival set, anyone missing the Floodhounds bandwagon can go jump on board there in Sheffield.

Facebook link? Yeh... See below!