Idle Frets Tour Diary - Day 2

Tour Diary - Day 2 - Manchester (Sound Control) - Ben

Yo Yo, Ben here. Today was the day of our Manchester with Kovic. Setting off in the ol’ one two formation; me driving up front, with Ez and Pitts (our Manager) defending from the back of Nelly the Van and met Rave and Luke at the venue for soundcheck. Got absolutely had off by Sainsbury’s, spoke to Naomi from Sainsbury’s twitter to discover Ifran is a proper snake. Pass it on. (See our twitter for context). 

Gig was SICK, Kovic are a lovely bunch of lads so go check them out on a date of their tour!Big love guys. Was lovely to meet so many of you, roll on Sheffield x

LATE NIGHT EDIT: Liverpool tunnels were closed, absolute mare. We drove all ‘round the Wirral, to find our way back, only just got in at 2am. On the bright side, I saw my first ever on-street prostitute when we got lost. What a time to be alive.