LIVE REVIEW: Keroscene @ The Islington - 13/04/17

Last Thursday (April 13th) at The Islington brought London psychedelic / post-punk rockers, Keroscene supporting Rival Karma alongside fellow support band, Himalayas. Recognised for their singles like “I Can’t Do A Thing”, “Like The First Time” and “Our Time”.

Performing in an intimate yet friendly space, the Islington showcased the band’s sound perfectly well. Keroscene opened their set with an unreleased track called “Next To Me.” I loved the sound of this one and can’t wait until this one is released. Next was their first single, “Cotton Candy”, and then another unreleased track “Round And Round”. “Our Time”, which has an incredibly soaring chorus, noisy guitars, and moments of epic tension-building. “Like The First Time”, “I Can’t Do A Thing”, and “Regret” I feel like these three tracks really compliment the band’s hypnotic and shoegaze approached sound, considering their huge song progressions and dreamy vocal style.

Each member have a great, genuine connection with each other and hone a live-sound that really compliment the tracks on record. That’s an achievement in itself, as with popular music getting more and more pristine in recent years to match that quality live. Whatever you do, check out these guys on Spotify, live or on YouTube before you regret missing their major take-off.

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Words by Cole Samson