If you’ve never been introduced to them, now’s the time.. Fröst is a collaboration between Franco-Swedish sound artist Johanna Bramli (vocalist for Stereolab offshoot Imitation Electric Piano) and Fujiya & Miyagi’s synth player and producer Steve Lewis. Combining their individual sounds the two create a hypnotic blend of analogue synthesizer swells and sporadic percussion tracks that all present within subtle pop structures. Annie Mac (BBC Radio 1), Nemone, Gideon Coe (BBC 6 Music) as well as John Kennedy (Radio X) were all quick to jump on the exciting project of Fröst with their first release ‘Crackling On The Wire’.

‘Delta Antenna’ marks as the follow up single ‘Keratin’, that both feature on the upcoming debut EP released in May. Styling a rich and dense instrumental honing in on their industrial and motorik influences, while styling catchy repetitive synthesizer hooks. Both brooding and spellbinding, Fröst showcase clearly their improvisational flair with this release.

The band give their thoughts on this release "The instrumental reflects the duo's Kosmiche and Industrial influences bringing together analogue synths with heavily effected vocal takes. The final edit has been pieced together from various different improvised studio sessions.”

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Words by Cole Samson