[LISTEN] Mini Skirt - French Kiss [IAI PREMIERE]

Introducing Mini Skirt (Abby + Dan) who have emerged with their debut release ‘French Kiss’, a delicate lo-fi indie dream. Drifting in a thick haze of delayed guitar lines and romantic boy/girl vocal lines. Deeply imaginative and transcending in it’s rich sound, the young duo have made an exciting entrance with this single.

Abby explains “This song is my ode to being a teenager and all the weird feelings that come with it. We tried to incorporate my favourite artists, e.g. The Smiths and Alvvays, to make my first release quite special.”

Dan comments “Abby sent me the demo and I loved it! The chorus was written 10 minutes later. Words and everything. “I’ll run to wherever you are. So drunk, French kissing in your car” was the first thing that came to my head. Not sure what that says about a person. I’ll avoid the Freudian psychodynamic paradigm for now.”

‘French Kiss’ is available on Clue Club Vol 3 AA-Side Friday 28th July

Stream 'French Kiss' below

Words by Chris Graham