Foals album out in 2018? Here's what it might sound like!

SO we're all aware now that Foals are heading back into the studio to write and record their fifth album - if you're not aware you are now! The band have recently mentioned in an interview with New Music Express that "We have a couple of bits written but it’s in the very early stages", which by the sounds of it might point to a end of 2018 release, or at the very least new music by the end of the next year.

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If you want to get a flavour of where the band might be heading check out the selection of tracks below, each of them were done before an album and once you know what album they precede you might be able to get an idea of what LP5 could sound like.

pre-Antidotes - "Vampires" later on called "Heavy Water"

pre-Total Life Forever - "Ahead of the Curve"
* This wasn't incorporated onto any track on the album but you can clearly hear elements of "Total Life Forever" in this shirt cut of music.

Pre-Holy Fire - "Wear & Tear" and "Milkspiders4"
The first track "Wear & Tear" was recorded after the release of "Total Life Forever" and gives some glimpses into what the next album would sound like, and I think you'd agree that it does sound like a perfect stepping stone from one album to the next. The second on this one is a rough demo of "Milk & Spiders" - which has some elements from "Total Life Forever" in it and "Holy Fire", pointing towards a continuation of the "Miami" b-sides, bringing in more atmosphere, which ultimately what made "Holy Fire" such a great album

Pre-What Went Down - "Bluebird
The last Record Store Day single I ever bought was this, released after the initial release of "Holy Fire", both versions below (CCTV and Studio) clearly have some major elements used in it that went into their fourth album, more subdued, chilled out and atmospheric. Granted some of "What Went Down" was a lot more noisier than this, but you can still easily hear a snippet of the next album, listen to both versions of "Bluebird" below.

Pre-LP5 - "Rain
We have no idea what the next album will sound like, but if you base it off the track that preludes it, or off the style of music they're playing after their last album then that can give you a great idea of what it can sound like. Much like the albums before it, LP5 will have some hints given out already, and we've got "Rain". The Poolside, La Frabique and Studio versions are below. My prediction, an 80's tinted Foals.