The Sherlocks release new video for "Live For The Moment"

The Sherlocks have today released a new video for single "Live For The Moment" ahead of their début album release of the same name on Infectious Records - of which is released on the 18th of August!

"Live For The Moment" is an energetic song that bristles with confidence and triumph. Filled with big bold drums, a galloping bassline, an infectious guitar riff and a vocal that's delivered with heartfelt honesty that inspires the listener to LIVE FOR THE MOMENT.

The video was shot in Botany Bay, Kent and directed by Alex Nicholson. It’s a cinematic video that tells the narrative of a man walking somewhat purposefully along the deserted beach and encountering a broken woman, whilst The Sherlocks play live on the beach in the background with their usual swagger & intent. It’s a beautifully shot video with a mysterious narrative that leaves the viewer asking questions, with reference to the legend Cthulhu.