[GIG REVIEW] MINT @ The Beachcomber, Cleethorpes, Friday 1st September 2017

I've been lucky enough to travel around some wonderful parts of the world but when I tell people I'm from the little micro-climate of Grimsby, Lincolnshire (yeh it is, not Yorkshire!) there is always a semi-negative response. If MINT have anything to do with it, that negativity might actually be disappearing, one effort soaked gig at a time.

The lad's ambition to "make it" has launched them into a prime position to do exactly that. Recently their homecoming gig at the start of this month was a spectacle in itself. Having witnessed the guys play live an awful lot over the years, I can confidently say that this was the most... erm... professional?... that I've ever seen them. As professional as you can be with inflatable crocodiles, smoke cannons and indoor fireworks. 

The local crowd clearly being knowledgeable about their back catalogue was always going to make the night go off, but the band still have to turn up. What you get with MINT now is a band that has clearly experienced the scene outside of GY, learnt their craft if you will. Lessons they've learnt from some huge opportunities in the last year specifically shone through on this night and the crowd lapped it up. Making our town feel epic! Even if for only one evening. 

Forget Brit Awards, Grammies or Mercury Music Prizes... when you get played over the top of a fashion section on ThisMorning TV, introduced by Gordon the Gopher's dad, arguably you've made it! Haha. Joking aside, national TV and really good level radio play are strong indicators that this band are ones to keep an eye on. Not that I haven't been telling you all this for about two years now! (Hipster nostalgic moment)

Want to see them? Check the slick tour poster out below and hit them up! Message them and they might bring you a genuine Grimsby fish just to improve our rep? **disclaimer - they probably won't do that, just bring the tuna-s instead haha.

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Photo credit to Danny Webster.