[LISTEN] Low Chimes - Dust Will Blow

Following on from their last single 'Sulphur Silk', Stroud's finest Low Chimes bring ‘Dust Will Blow’ a light, progressive and dreamlike single that boasts a lavish arrangement. Irregular time signatures are welcomed in open arms, while pulsating synth layers and folk-esque guitar melodies surround the audacious front of lead vocalist, Marianne's lyrics - the band’s fondness for a multitude of music genres flourish once again in great colour.

On the subject of ‘Dust Will Blow’, Marianne explains “This is probably the most positive song on the album. It’s essentially about how opening up to people and their ideas can enhance your life in unexpected ways.  After a period of change for me and the band and a lengthy writing process, ‘Dust Will Blow’ became a celebration of the good that can come from the willingness to move on from the past and embrace the new.  It feels right that the final recording is a coming together of influences, ideas and an expansion of our sound.  We feel like this is a pretty complete expression of who we are musically at this point.”

‘Dust Will Blow’ is taken from Low Chimes' debut album 'Illumine', which is due for release on 6th October via their own label, Bellow Records.

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Words By Cole Samson