[LISTEN] Fond Of Rudy - To Be Mine

Brighton and London based indie-pop quartet Fond of Rudy return into action again with their craft and colourful song structures in 'To Be Mine'. In contrast to the group’s previous offering ‘L O V E’, a sweetened downtempo cut of reflection and vulnerability, the track is a shorter but still sweet pop package of driving rhythms and memorable hooks.

The group explain that the song was “written a while ago and straight of the back off an argument. It's a love song I suppose, plain and simply asking the question...why does there have to be complications, can't attraction just be simple." The undemanding and direct thought process is demonstrated in the immediacy and forthright direction the music constantly moves in, propelled by lead singer Matt’s staccato vocal delivery and Ross's sleek guitar instrumentation amidst a sunny production comparable to the likes of LANY and Blood Orange.

To support the release the band will play a number of dates scattered around the UK in the next two months with gigs in Brighton, London, and Manchester.

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Words By Cole Samson