[LISTEN] Cape Cub - Searchlight

We last found Cape Cub with his previous single ‘Flowers’ in late Summer. Emerging Newcastle based artist Cape Cub now returns with ‘Searchlight’, a sombre and personal release from singer-songwriter Chad Male.

As with previous single ‘Flowers, the producer and artist behind Cape Cub, showcases his natural flair for uplifting and rousing melodies, this time with a more contemplative and autumnal vibe.

“Searchlight is a song for the night. It's about finding a little light in the darkness and finding yourself again. It's also about dependence on other human beings; I find it hard to imagine getting through anything alone” explains Chad.

Searchlight is the second ever song I've written on a piano, so the feel is much different to anything else you've probably heard from Cape Cub. I wanted there to be space in the recording too, and to feel like the chorus really pulls you out of those depths. Like anything I've ever put out there, it's a hugely personal song and I hope it means something to all of you out there too” added Male.

An easily relatable song context and heartfelt lyrics, Chad has his heart on his sleeve in this release, yet never fails to keep the listener at peace with bouncy guitar and vocal hooks. Nodding to the iconic storytelling, vividly human imagery and natural showmanship of Springsteen, Death Cab For Cutie and Brandon Flowers, as well as the new wave of contemporary alternative electronic and pop producers like Maggie Rogers, Aquilo and new label mate Kyko, Cape Cub’s music is rooted in the vitality and warmth of human relationships.

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Words by Cole Samson