[LISTEN] Jamie Cruickshank - I Can See Totterdown [IAI PREMIERE]

Folk singer-songwriter Jamie Cruickshank recently released his debut single 'I Can See Totterdown', the first to come from his forthcoming 'Worn Through EP' next year, which we praised for its emotional sentiment, natural production and instrumentation, and the musician’s soft vocal delivery that provided a warm and refreshing listening experience.

Breakfast Records have now unveiled the song’s new official music video, directed by Robot Haus. The video sees Cruickshank dressed as a roaming grass creature who is at one with nature before stumbling upon the body of a guitar in a forest, which he then proceeds to smash into pieces and use as part of a bonfire.

Cruickshank states “I wrote this song while studying mathematics at Oxford. It was written at a time when my best friend was living in Brazil. The song paints a picture of our fictionalised future, starting a family together in Bristol. It compares the interwoven branches of winter trees to our families and to fractals.” 

Watch the stunning visuals for 'I Can See Totterdown' below

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Words by Jamie Kyei Manteaw