[LISTEN] LAMIA - Falling Apart

We last explored ‘Not Mine’ from the London born and Berlin based vocalist and producer LAMIA. Now she returns with what is her most entrancing composition yet in the form of ‘Falling Apart’. Carried by experimental drum machine beats, woozy wilting strings and pulsing production; there is an anxious and uneasy feeling that arises from the track, though its dark sound is one that you can’t divert your attention from.

LAMIA tells more on the background behind the song "Falling Apart is about duality and living with two different minds... creating illusions to hide weaknesses and the separation of your inner thoughts from what you present to others."

The lyrics are sung in a way which make them almost indecipherable but LAMIA’s voice is an instrument in itself; her low vocals lift, glide and shine, a strong presence of vibrato and breathy execution adding to the track’s warm sonic palette. There hasn’t been talk of an EP or album release just yet, however ‘Falling Apart’ gives one reason as to why LAMIA is a name to remember as 2018 approaches.

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Words by Jamie Kyei Manteaw