[LISTEN] Megan Dixon Hood - Alias Grace

It’s clear to see a versatile musicality in both Megan Dixon Hood and her band’s material and new single ‘Alias Grace’ takes the listener on a powerful journey. A clear respect for folk and alternative rock are presented here, and indicators light up by the songs’ array of delicate guitar plucks and trembling bass lines. In ‘Alias Grace’, Megan’s vocal tiptoes over an incredible lush arrangement and compliments the story behind ‘Alias Grace’ in heaps.

Megan’s wondrous alt-folk sound has graced Rock the Farm, Glass Butter Beach, and a headline slot at Middlewich Folk Festival.

In regards to the making of the song Dixon Hood states “'Alias Grace' was inspired by the book of the same name by the author Margaret Atwood. The song itself takes on the perspective of Grace, suggesting the idea that she did not commit the crime, yet the rumors spread quickly and she is aware that she is seen as the 'beast' despite her beauty and mild manners. The tone is somewhat sarcastic, as she invites the listener to 'step into' her skin, to see for themselves what her life is really like and make their judgments that way.”

Alias Grace, a track that precedes an upcoming EP to be released in January/February 2018.