Sumera shares video for 'Faith'

Sumera is an artist that projects a magical sense of creativity in her work - a jack of all trades in her creatively but examining areas of production, songwriting and video-directing all vividly. New single "Faith" is about finding strength in making your vulnerability visible without succumbing to the idea that vulnerability equals weakness. While the video allows the viewer to see the intensity of Sumera’s physical experience, it also allows us to visualize the gap between that intensity and her partner’s detachment. It is impassioned and alluring, while simultaneously being intimate and exposing. “I am vulnerable. I am brutally soft. And I am powerful,” shares Sumera. “Without vulnerability, strength and independence lose every bit of their worth.”

"Faith" is touching, wonderfully dark and rich, Sumera evokes a powerful aura of soul, indie and experimental genres into her sound.

A wanderer at heart, Sumera has travelled all her life. She spent the past few years alternating between Berlin, Amsterdam, Lisbon and London, gaining an understanding of the industry and her own creativity, as well as developing her own sound. Both self-contained and wild, Sumera has used Berlin’s pulse and atmosphere as the backdrop for her latest work.

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Words by Cole Samson