[IAI PREMIERE] Judah Gayle stream Block It Off ahead of release

Bedfordshire based band, Judah Gayle, have released their new single 'Block It Off' for streaming ahead of the single release next month.

Photo: Anna Smith

After a year of non stop shows at the likes of Wilkestock Festival and headlining the launch of Some Might Say magazine, the punk-rock four piece are ready to embark on a new journey with a more developed sound and a bigger story to tell. With the quartet already booked to play "Big in 2018" shows and appearing on line ups with the likes of The Scruff, The Amazons, Judas and more, it's safe to say these guys are ready to take on the next challenge.

Inspired by the punk bands coming to the forefront of the music scene and with bands like Vant rising high before their hiatus, 'Block It Off' is perhaps their most focused and complete single to date. What is quite clearly a song about batting off any problems and challenges, Judah Gayle have managed to find the right tone between the rock band that they deserve to be and the pop melodies that we all love to hear. Put the two together and there's a formula waiting to push them forward.

Speaking about the song, lead singer, Luke Banton, revealed "It was influenced by not being able to concentrate on writing music because there were so many external factors getting in the way. Ironically, I used that to help me write a song telling me to just get rid of the distractions in my life."

'Block It Off' is out next month on all digital streaming services and stores. For now, we're delighted to exclusively reveal the song ahead of time right here.  You can also catch them on the following dates:

23rd December - Edge, Luton
18th January - The Finsbury, London
20th January - Nambucca, London