[LISTEN] Queen Alaska - When You Smile When You Die

Last release, 'Run to You' from electronic producer, composer, and vocalist Anneli Bentler –professionally known as Queen Alaska amassed over a multitude of online blogs and German-based Spotify playlists. When You Smile When You Die is the latest success she’s been building, ever since she burst onto the scene with the captivating Under My Skin. Now as the New Year approaches over the horizon, you can be sure that Queen Alaska will be a name on people’s lips.

This contrast is also what she describes in her lyrics, as she explains: “When You Smile When You Die is a song about the diversity of deep, essential, human relationships. Supposed contrasts like strength / vulnerability and dream / reality seem to lie close together in deep connections. The nearest people around can be salvation and burden at once - they awaken the most fulfilling but also scariest feelings inside. Obviously, it is because they matter. All these memories and feelings connected to them - that is what will last in the end. It moves us, it is the beat of our life. With this song, I wanted to face and honour the beauty of these rich and diverse relationships.”

'When You Smile When You Die' comes ahead of second EP Interlude of the Inner Voice II/II, which when combined with the preceding I/II EP forms her upcoming debut album. The track teams with Mannheim-based producer and singer Simon Wind AKA VJND. Anneli’s knack for creating intricate sounds spark delicate but strong sensations. Creatively gifted in more than just her music Anneli is a skilful audiovisual artist, producing all of the visuals released alongside her work so far.

A wonderful display of luscious vocal harmonies, glitchy drum loops and analogue synthesizers, all combines for a dreamy sense of nostalgia and wonder.

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