HAUS release new single "Shameless"

One of the all time favourite bands of the It's All Indie staff, HAUS, have released a new track that we got hooked on from the first bar "Shameless" was produced by Everything Everything's Alex Robertshaw and mixed by Duncan Mills, this explosive track really packs a punch and sets the tone for what will no doubt be an incredible year for the Tottenham five-piece.

Speaking about the track frontman Ashley Mulimba explains, "I wrote this song whilst I was going through a hard time with anxiety. It affected my sleep, my social skills and my relationships. I've always felt a strange pressure due to being one of the only black kids that played music, wore skinnies and skated in my area. For as long as I can remember I've always been told to "dress/act more black" or that I listened to the wrong music - in some weird way I liked it, and the rebellion felt empowering, but during this period I felt vulnerable on stage rather than powerful. I'd place myself in other people minds rather than concentrate on my performance."