Take a listen to Bengal Lancers brilliant new track "Eclipse" [IAI PREMIERE]

Having originally formed at university with members Harry Sullivan and Charlie Hawkins from Bengal Lancers, originally started life as a Leicester-based two-piece. Armed with little more than a wealth of covers and a smattering of originals, it wasn’t long before ambition saw the duo enlist drummer Max Hutchi, and relocate to the Capital.

Now a four-piece, and a band in the truest sense of the word, their relocation allowed their talent to blossom, while the addition of fourth member Aidan Wickham saw their trademark sound flourish, becoming the encompassing brand of alt-rock the band peddle today.

With a small collection of singles and two EPs under the beat, the releases of which were all met with acclaim, it’s clear that Bengal Lancers are making all the right noises and have the medals to prove it.

The band is now set to release their next single ‘Eclipse’, which is their first exciting offering into 2018. ‘Eclipse’ stands out fearlessly and packs with a wonderful blend of adventurous lyrical storytelling and progressive instrumental approaches leading into a stellar climax of raucous rock moments. It’s something to behold.

‘Eclipse’ explores confusion and chaos that surrounds the break-down of a relationship, but still harbouring the glimmer of optimism that’s so often clung to in such situations. Check it out below.

Bengal Lancers will release new single Eclipse on January 26th 2017.

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