Schwarz releases new video for 'Cold Sunlight'

Schwarz is no ordinary artist - a shrouded mystique surrounds his creativity and musical output, wonderfully crafted dark electro-pop that boils with coolness. Somewhat reminiscent to influences like Woodkid or Moderat, fans of Depeche Mode will also recognise Schwarz stunning musical delivery. ‘Cold Sunlight’ captures orchestral moments with electronic beats in his music, united by a rare courage to great emotions, to feel self-indulgent. Hereby Meyer de Voltaire opens a new chapter after his band Voltaire.

‘Cold Sunlight’ is the last single and video to release from his debut EP, ‘In Your Eyes’, which also releases today.  In addition to four original songs there are also two remixes of big - and stylistically different - names in German electronic music: Robot Koch and Schiller.

Singer, creative multitalented musician and cosmopolite, Roland Meyer de Voltaire or professionally known as SCHWARZ was born to German-Bolivian parents and grew up in Bonn, Dublin, Moscow and Beijing. Curiously gathering impressions around the world has helped shape Roland Meyer de Voltaire into the individual he is today: A musical visionary and creator of electronic sound sculptures that tell their own story.

Listen to 'In Your Eyes' EP HERE

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Words by Cole Samson