[GIG REVIEW] Strange Bones + False Heads, The Garage (Attic), Glasgow, 1st February

Strange Bones headlining the Garage in Glasgow last week      Photo: @TheAlanWells
I attended my first gig of the year at the garage bar in Glasgow and Strange Bones kicked off  their Blind Faith No Future tour and what a gig it was.

Strange Bones lead singer and guitarist has an unbelievable amount of energy and the band go full throttle from the start of their set right to the very end.

They burst onto the stage in a chaotically wonderful barrage of guitars and drum before the unique sound of lead Bobby Bentham pierces the air,this band have the unique ability to get the crowd going right from the off. The whole place was jumping, bouncing up and down, Bobby Bentham involves himself with the audience, continuously coming to the front giving a great experience of what Strange Bones are all about.

During the first couple of songs a pit had evolved in the front couple of rows into which Bobby throws himself jumping around with everyone before being carried back on to the stage.

 Photo: @TheAlanWells
Guitarists Jack Bentham and Will Bentham both play to the crowd and what a sound comes from these guys,they play with such confidence and are able to sell you completely on Strange Bones and what they stand for. 

Drummer Stub Newman keeps the fierceness in their music with strong,loud beats.Their songs have clear in your face lyrics, no mistaking that today's politics and bleak British outlook have inspired some of these lyrics . Songs such as We the Rats and Big Sister is Watching are definitely firm favourites.

The music Strange Bones produce has raw, gritty lyrics fused with distorted guitar riffs that punch the air and linger giving an intense feeling that "something" is about to happen. Most times something did happen in the form of a crowd surfing band member or the ever changing face of Bobby Bentham, he changed into a gas mask into a balaclava then to a full rat head mask. Each new face accompanied a song. Unusual but the visual element of wearing different masks helped put the point of the songs across. Doing this mask wearing definitely make Strange Bones live performances very unique, one off shows!

Towards the end of the show Bobby Bentham climbed the amps asked the crowd to "come closer,come closer"then perched on top before falling on to all of us ,crowd surfing then being delivered back to the stage.As quickly as they had come on stage they were finished and gone.

Strange Bones are culturally aware, relevant to the times and convey this within their music. Strange Bones came on stage energised and delivered a high octane performance.They did not disappoint and I will definitely go to another Strange Bones gig.

Luke Griffiths from False Heads  Photo: @TheAlanWells 
False Heads came on stage and started playing Whatever You Please which has a relatively quiet beginning which takes everyone by surprise then goes into a crescendo of guitars. It is a tough crowd in Glasgow tonight but the guys play their hearts out.everyone in the crowd starts listening to and enjoying the music.

Luke Griffiths, lead singer and guitarist, introduces the next song Fall Around which gets everyone really going. They play through a couple more songs giving us the full False Heads experience. Luke confidently swaggers around the stage, blunt lyrics and fantastic melodies fill the air and everyone is now really enjoying their set. Their music is as good in the small attic bar as it is in the bigger venues I have seen  them playing in before.                              
Twenty Nothing is one of my favourite songs and I can’t help but start to dance along to this song. The sound of this song make the audience want to join in the words and soon most are singing and bouncing along to the drum beats. Now they have the full attention of the crowd their set really begins.

Slew begins with a roar of distorted guitar noise getting faster and faster as the words "You'll never learn,You'll never learn" ring out. I am sure they made a few new fans with that song. The small room is now bouncing with False Heads blasting out the amps. 
Photo: @TheAlanWells 
Retina the new song and name of their new album bursts to life this is a gem of a song, clever lyrics and raw energy make this a special number. Weigh In is clearly a favourite. Luke shouts out "Yeah, you can all get moving to this one an all!" and receives a great reception as everyone does as asked and starts to move along to the thunderous crack beats that Barney Nash is throwing out at a rate that's quite unbelievable for a human being!

The last song of the set is Wrap Up. The heavy bass in this number reverberates around the venue. Bass player
Jake Elliott really shines in this song, Luke throws himself to the floor playing his guitar on his knees and Barney is smashing out the beats treble quick and twice as loud as the previous song. 

The lads finish up with a monumental drumming arrangement from Barney accompanied by Jake on bass. I had no idea that an emerging band could demonstrate so much talent. I will definitely attending another False Heads gig and soon, in the words of the great Iggy Pop "If these guys were playing in your town you might just wanna show up". Definitely ones to watch, a must see band.

Written by Laura Murdoch Morrison

False Heads Retina Tour 2018 (UK and Europe)
Feb 01 // Glasgow // The Garage - with Strange Bones
Feb 02 // M'Borough // Westgarth Social Club - with Strange Bones 
Feb 03 // Blackpool // Bootleg 
Feb 04 // Cardiff // GWIDWH Cafe Bar - with Strange Bones
Feb 06 // Bishops Stortford // The Moon - with Strange Bones - postponed  - date to be announced                 
Feb 07 // Luton // Edge - with Strange Bones
Feb 08 // Cambridge // The Portland Arms - with Strange Bones
Feb 09 // Bury St Edmunds // The Hunter Club - with Strange Bones

Feb 14 // Nottingham // Cameleon Arts
Feb 23 // London // Dingwalls - ***Retina Launch***
Feb 25 // Manchester // Jimmy's

March 01 // Hasselt // Cafe Cafe
March 03 // Paris // Le Truskel
March 04 // Paris // ***Secret Show***

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