Indie-pop duo JONAH take to LA in video for 'Love Lost'

German indie-pop duo, Jonah take to the sun-kissed California coast in their recently released music video for "Love Lost," the second track from their debut album, Wicked Fever. Recorded in the palm tree laced streets and hills throughout bustling city of Los Angeles, the video beautifully captures the song's reminiscent themes of love and the limitless freedom of youthful midsummer nights in scenes sequenced together creating a dream-like and emotional aesthetic that perfectly compliments the ambient melodies of "Love Lost."

With the second release taken from their debut album “Wicked Fever”, Jonah dare to step back into the past with “Love Lost”. Memories of love and the limitless freedom of youth during sun-drenched midsummer nights, “I feel my days could stretch forever, We could hold on to one another.” Seemingly small gestures gain in significance over time as tonal textures swell and vocals insistently assure us, “I keep waiting, Just in case…”

Words by Darius Colson

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