Tommy Down unveils brilliant new track "Superficial" [IAI PREMIERE]

Today we've got a very funky track from the brilliant Tommy Down, an exciting act from Bristol. "Superficial" sounds like the perfect blend of Nile Rodgers' Chic and Sade while written on a dark night in the UK, with lots of attitude to boot too.

"Superficial" sees Tommy Downs analysing the psychological perils of a generation addicted to selfies and social media. It’s all captured in the contradiction at the heart of its narrative: guy judges girl for taking a selfie with him, yet harbours a desire to see himself tagged in it the next day. Which perfectly sums up everything that's wrong with social media these days.

There's no doubt the track is insanely catchy, with a chorus that sticks with you long after listening to it, Tommy's sharp lyrics keep you wanting more and really stands out. So stick this track on and get groovy. The track is out now and it was produced by rising Decca Records star Rhys Lewis.

See Tommy Down and Harker Moon
21st March: Notting Hill Arts Club