Jamie Cruickshank releases wistful second single 'Loserville'

A new name to some but his affiliated projects may ring a bell, think Gnarwhals and Human Bones. Bristol based artist, Jamie Cruickshank is a songwriter with a background that lies in instrumentalist and songwriter whose music is an experimentation on strings.

A delicate, folk track that puts Jamie's wonderous instrumental talents on show, Cruickshank puts his house to the test when making this track.

On the making of the track, Cruickshank reveals, “As a therapeutic project, I converted my bedroom in my parents’ house into a DIY recording studio and laid down the drums and guitars for this track, later overdubbing vocals and recording Annalise Lam’s fantastic violin part. After I started to recover, I worked with producers Jed Taylor and Oscar Denyer to bring the track to its finished state.”

Jamie Cruickshank will be touring this single in Europe with Lucy Dacus in April and May.

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