Watch Daughter's one-take video for "All I Wanted"

Daughter have revealed their live version of "All I Wanted", which sees frontwoman Elena Tonra joined by string and vocal quartets in the Asylum Chapel in Peckham, London. The video was shot in one take by Simon Lane and composed by Josephine Stephenson.

Josephine Stephenson says: "I was really lucky that Elena basically gave me free rein. We knew we wanted an intimate setting, and because of the nature of the original song, which has as sole accompaniment multiple layers of bass and guitar, it felt right to go with a string quartet. I quickly decided to forgo one of the violins and replace it with a second cello, to keep the attractive 'low-end heavy’-ness of the track. Once those decisions were made, it all came very naturally: I stayed close to the original material while also enriching it with what those instruments have to offer in terms of expression and timbre, and extending the song’s harmony ever so slightly here and there to fit this new version. The arrangement also features a mini-choir of four providing the song’s backing vocals. I feel very fortunate to have been joined by excellent musicians on this project. It was a good day."