Tors share stunning new single 'Won't Remember'

Not that long ago, we said Tors are a hit factory. Little did we know what they had up their sleeves. Today, they have revealed their new single, 'Won't Remember', due out tomorrow.

Taking on a bit more of a folk sing-a-long with the song, their harmonies seem stronger than ever. Melting in to each other's vocals to form a soft and decadent tone, which sits comfortably upon the anthem-like melody ready to grab you by the hand and guide you through every second of the song. And let us reassure you, you'll be singing this in no time.

Written about the heartbreak of Alzheimers, Tors capture the bittersweet feeling of dealing with the illness through such an elegant story. Hanging on by every word, there's no option but for the listener to experience the highs and lows with the trio. Emotionally fuelled from start to finish, there's no doubt that 'Won't Remember' is their greatest single yet. What is seemingly a triumphant song at first glance, it's the lyrics that pull the strings on your heart. "You wont remember, but that's okay" they sing, gloriously putting across the sense of hope and fear so many of us experience when dealing with a relative struggling with such a devastating illness.

What Tors do with this release is provide a sense of relief, bringing light to a dark time and reassuring everyone who may be going through the same as them. This isn't just an incredibly produced song, this is a call out to everyone; Tors are here with you every step of the way.

'Won't Remember' is available on all platforms from tomorrow, Friday 11th May. Listen to the single below.